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Weather station Nordhorn is located in Germany, Lower Saxony, in the city of Nordhorn.
The weather data comes from weather station Vantage Pro 2 plus, and is located in the garden of the property.
Weather Nordhorn is a weather station with current weather around the clock.
Here you will find the current weather data of the private weather station Nordhorn and the maximum, minimum and average values ??of the last 24 hours.
The data is automatically updated every minute. Overall, the following weather data are measured: temperature, humidity, dew point, wind speed, wind gusts, wind direction, air pressure, cloud cover, solar radiation, sunshine time, Windchill (perceived temperature), precipitation rate, precipitation total.
For more info see also " Weatherstation info".

Weather station Nordhorn uses evaluation software from:

Weather forecast

Weather widget requires the free Adoble Flash Player which you can download here.
Click to enlarge the image to the image.
Click on the arrow to see the forecast.
Move the green dot and see the weather situation for the whole day.
Click on LIVE and everything goes back to the current time.
With ESC, the image is closed again.

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